Derrick Fabrication

Derrick is a kind of crane or a lifting device with a movable pivoted arm and is usually made of mild steel structural material. It is used to lift and erect structural material at construction sites which are not accessible by cranes or other lifting machines. Derrick is easily transported at different sites in a disassembled position (in parts) and assembled at the site again. It is also cost effective in comparison to mechanical crane. The material are lifted by chain pulley block hanging on a suitable arm and Derik once assembled can also be rotated up to 360 degree.

Derrick is custom designed according to the requirement of the customer at site. One of the Derrick fabricated by us is a 725 x 725 box with a total height of 32 meters divided in five parts. With this designed and fabricated structural equipment, more than 6 metric tons of single piece structure could be lifted up to 75 feet height. Once bought it becomes an asset of the company as it can be used at other sites and owning one may also add merit for getting future contracts for the company.

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